Cree-Siente - Phillips


“It is my pleasure to express on behalf of Philips Mexicana my appreciation for the excellent performance of your firm CREESIENTE Integrando Ideas during the past 5 years.

We organized several institutional events, in which we had the valued collaboration of CREESIENTE Integrando Ideas, a firm that has become a strategic ally by exhibiting a high level of professionalism in every one of these events.

The promptness in meeting all deadlines, the constant brainstorming to come up with viable solutions, the feasibility of supplying any kind of props and materials to set up highly complex corporative events, among other things have been key to achieve all our goals for the showing of our products in both commercial fairs and our own Showrooms.

As a result of this, the institutional image projected in the events we have participated in has been outstanding and has positioned our brand in the forefront which has always been our main goal. We firmly believe that our commercial relation with CREESIENTE Integrando Ideas will be strong and long lasting one in the future.


Valesca Schriever Monjaráz 
Marketing Manager
Philips Mexicana